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Before you start searching on job sites, there are some misconceptions to clear up. A job title that states “Manager/Director” does not mean you will be in a managerial position. Many smaller companies use this title to attract applicants and being the fresh graduate or someone that has been in an executive level position may aspire of getting the title of “manager”. While we all want to be able to say that we are managers when someone ask what our job is but end of the day it’s not the title that pays the bills.

Hard work and Discipline

This is not a show up in office and sit at your desk kind of job. Anybody can dream about collecting a monthly $10,000 paycheck without doing anything. It is going to take determination and a whole lot of discipline. I am also NOT going to talk about professions like financial advisors and real estate agents etc. I assume that you are reading this because you expect some form of stability in that 5-figure paycheck and not just once every half a year. However, do not get me wrong, financial advisors and real estate agents are possible routes to getting a fat paycheck constantly and I will talk about that in another article.

You must somewhat like what you do

While making that paycheck is a dream come true, I do not want you to pull your hair out while going at it. We always hear that chase your passion and the money will follow. That is true to a certain extent. We all have our dreams but chasing them might not pay the bills. Which is why whatever I am going to share with you below is going to work as long you have some sort of liking towards it. For example, a sales job is not going to work very well with someone who just likes to stay in their own world and fears communication with strangers. However, if you are someone that is waiting in a long line and you see someone behind you equally frustrated and you try and start a conversation to kill time, then explore the world of sales. With this out of the way we can get to the juicy part.

Account Manager

Do not be confused with accounts manager. Accounts is related to accounting and math and all that good stuff. An Account Manager is more of a sales and job depending on if it is a hunter or farmer role. Account managers are also not managerial in a sense that you do not have a team working under your care. We will get into the nitty gritty of both. A hunter role is very much like being a financial advisor or real estate agent. They go out and hunt for leads and usually they must build the rapport from a cold lead to closing the deal. Each step of the way in the sales funnel they will be paying close attention and doing changes to the proposal if needed. Hunter role usually have unlimited potential in terms of commission earnings as the company would want to motivate them to follow up closer on leads and close them ASAP. Farmer role on the other hand is tasked with clients that usually have some sort of business with the company already and the account manager job is to maintain and build on that rapport which includes upselling and cross selling etc. Farmer role are paid commission however there is usually a cap of around 120%-180% this is since there is already a flow of business in and your job is to maintain that which is comparatively easier than a hunter role.


The Basic Salary for a hunter role ranges from $3000 – $6000 and commissions ranging from $0 – $30,000. You might think that $30,000 commission is impossible or lucky to achieve. I worked for a company that sold printers my basic was $3000 and having sold about 15 machines that month I clocked roughly $8000 in commission, keeping in mind that an average 30-50 pax office would have 2 or 3 machines which makes 5 to 6 sales a month not being very difficult. As to how I got the legendary $30,000 figure, my colleague sold into a large corporation a total of approximately 500 machines and that month he netted a $30,000++ paycheck. If you have doubts go to their offices and look at the vehicles parked there. Almost 80% of them drives European cars with occasional partners driving Bentleys. I personally drove a Maserati. If you are up for the challenge and you can pick yourself up from countless rejections and just keep steaming ahead then you can consider this very lucrative hunter role.


Farmer usually have a higher range of basic salary because there is a requirement that the candidate has some form of experience either as a hunter or some sort of sales role. This is because the candidate is expected to know the sales process and how to take care of an account properly and companies do not want a totally newbie being a farmer. The process to train a farmer is much longer than a hunter. Basic salary ranges from $3500- $8000. Do not get the impression that a farmer role is going to be easy and smooth sailing. There is still a target to hit and if you are not on the ball with following up with a client and they end up buying from a competitor you will be very likely be blamed by your management. Commission differs from industries but in my sector of IT distribution it ranges from $3000-$7000. A farmer with 2-3 years’ experience will have no trouble getting >$10,000 paycheck.


Being an account manager, it takes a lot of grit and determination. The most important is to be disciplined. The company pays you well to take care of the account and you have to ensure you respond to all emails in a reasonable time frame. If you have the tenacity and you yearn for the high that closing mega deals bring you then I suggest you give the hunter role a try, just be prepared for a ton of rejections before you get anywhere. If you are very meticulous and you have that ability to relate to people and have endless topics to talk about then I suggest the farmer role is for you. Look for a company that has a strong training program. You should also set yourself a reasonable timeframe of 6 months to a year before you are able to meet targets. As a farmer you have to understand that many other account managers are vying for your client business as well and being cheap does not guarantee the purchase. You also have to be patient and do not be picky on the deal size start building rapport and when the client trust you to get things done they will naturally give you bigger projects.

Incomplete sentence. Do you mean: While an entry-level fresh graduate or someone with only executive-level experience may aspire to the job title of a “manager” when quizzed about their jobs, at the end of the day, the job title does not pay the bills.

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