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Traditional Mindset

Traditionally Job Hopping is frowned upon, resume with stints of less than a year or 2 is a big red flag. However, it has become increasingly common to Job Hop in recent years. We will go into details the pros and cons of job hopping. In our parents’ generation it is common to see someone staying in the same company for their entire life, but millennials are constantly looking for the next step in their career. Firstly, lets categorize who falls into the job hopper category. People who stay in a job for approximately one to two years are considered Job Hoppers. There is a Gallup report that reveals 21% of millennials have changed jobs in the past year while compared to non-millennials is 3 times more.

Times have changed

Perceptions are changing and job hopping is one of them. People are looking to be engaged at work and want to be challenged in their roles instead of going through the 9-5 grind. Job Hopping is going to be more common than ever. Believe it or not companies are catching up on that. Why does every start-up try to be more like Google or Facebook? The culture is what keeps people. In the past a stable job with moderate stress level is enough to keep employees happy. We have coached students from their first job drawing a modest salary of 40K annually to 3 years later and 3 companies later drawing 100k annually and every step of the way learning more and being more comfortable. Job Hopping is like playing poker if you play your cards right the results will shock you. However, if you bluff too often your bound to get caught.

Benefits of Job Hopping

The benefits of job hopping are obvious. Better salary, culture and a better boss maybe. 2019 study by ADP shows a that job hopping gets a 5.3% pay increase compared to 4% for staying at your job. 1% might not seem like much but it adds up with the years to come. The biggest benefit of job hopping is gaining a diverse skill set. At Insider Job we do not recommend jumping around into totally unrelated industries, it makes your resume complicated and hard to relate to. It is easier to explain why you job hop earlier in your career as compared to a mid-career craze. Move around the industries and gain valuable skills, make sure you can give one or two solid skills you have learnt from all your jobs so that you can bring it to your next interview.

What happens if you fail?

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. I have seen many failed in their attempt to job hob, it usually ends with a long search for the next job and underperforming in the current one. Which leads to either getting fired or worst case moving on to another company that’s worst off. It’s a slippery slope getting out is close to impossible. Every change of company is a change of environment. Starting off with new colleagues and different compensation method. Job Hopping can be addictive, do not fall into the trap of job hopping without intention.

Job Hop with INTENTION

In the end I am still a advocate for job hopping but always with intention. Gain the relevant skills in each position and company and move on. After you few quick hops find a company that has the culture that suits you and values you. Negotiate a solid compensation and stay there and work your way into a few promotions. This will help you build a solid backstory to your resume, and you will be on the radar of many companies. Download the free ebook. In the book we cover how, why and when you should job hop. Play your cards right and get to where you want to be in half the time.

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